Oxen Park Cinema Club

Brian and Charles

If Heath Robinson could create a best buddy, we’d find him in this funny, beguiling and slightly low-tech sci-fi-esque comedy. SUPPER SPECIAL.

Brian and Charles

Sponsored by Sandie & Vince Ewan

Showing: Tue 07 Nov 2023

Also Showing: Sun 12 Nov 2023



Brian lives alone in a remote Welsh valley. Something of an outcast, he spends his spare time inventing things and one day decides to build a robot for company. ‘Charles’ is not only Brian’s most successful invention, but it appears to have a personality all of its own. However, it creates more problems than Brian bargained for, and the timid inventor has to face-up to several issues in his life; his eccentric ways, a local bully, and a woman he’s always been fond of but never had the nerve to talk to.

Bafta Outstanding British Film Nominee, Sundance Festival Grand Jury Prize Nominee.

* SCREENING ON 7th NOV IS A SUPPER SPECIAL WITH SUPPER AT THE MANOR HOUSE AT 6.30PM – Tickets: £14 Members, £16 Non-Members and £13 Under 18s.

* SCREENING ON 12th NOV IS A FILM ONLY SCREENING AT 7.30PM – Tickets £4 Members, £6 Non-Members and £3 Under 18s.

* Please book tickets online before 12 noon on the day of the screening.